Out of the passion for good things and sustainable production, Corte Attilea cultivates its own lands with an organical method to produce grapes and top-quality wines, fruit, cereals and craft beer farm beer, extra virgin olive oil, jams, electric energy from renewable sources.

  • Beers

    Craft beer

    We produce barley, we brew beer.


     birra rossa Attìlea redAttìlea blonde – This unfiltered ale craft beer is produced from barley cultivated on the Garda moraine hills. The double fermentation and the ending of the maturation within the bottle originate the natural sedimentation of the yeast. It has gold colour, bitter fruity taste, compact foam.
    Hell style – IBU 2
    Bottle 0.5 lt o 0.75 lt. – 5,4% vol.

    Attìlea weizen – Low in alcohol, light and not bitter, this craft beer has an ambro-orange color and a good dense foam, releasing spicy, fruity notes of vanilla, nutmeg and banana. It is slightly turbid for proteins made by the wheat and the yeast in suspension.
    Hefeweizen Style – IBU 12
    Bottle 0.5 lt – 5% vol.

    Attìlea red – This red craft beer has bright copper reflections, persistent foam smelling fruit. The sweet taste of the malt is well balanced by hops, which gives to the beer a bitter, pleasant and clean taste. Pour into a tulip glass without lifting the natural deposit in the bottle.
    Bock Style – IBU 2
    Bottle 0.5 lt – 7% vol.

  • Wines

    Coming soon.

  • Barley Water

    orzacquaThis drink, coming from Anglo-Saxon countries, is full of nourishing and refreshing properties.
    It is a very good integrator of fibers, of phosphorus and copper. Ideal for cyclists and sportive people! Full of vitamins and of mineral salts like selenium , calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc. Barley water favors diuresis and the elimination of toxins. The high presence of fibers helps to lower cholesterol and regulate the intestinal function.
    You can drink it fresh in the farm or you can buy it in bottles or bag in box.

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    olioattileaExtra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine, and thanks to its natural antioxidants, a perfect coadjutant to maintain the body in good health. The area of Lake Garda has been known since ancient times for its olive oil that here acquires particular delicate organoleptic characteristics and a taste with fruity harmonic notes, able to satisfy all palates and all gastronomic requirements. At Corte Attilea the collection of olives is done by hand from plants of Leccino (40%), Frantoio (40%), Pendolino (20%). For pressing on an oil press with a continuous cycle in cold working is used. Out oil has a brilliant light yellow color, an intense smell of olives with notes of grass and hay.

    Acidity % 0.2
    Peroxides 02 at/Kg
    Poliphenols mg/kg 58
    Bottle 500 ml

  • Cereals

    Corte Attìlea is associated to COBI, the Italian Union of the Producers of Barley and Beer, and it suggests a full range of food based on cereals (barley, maize, corn): cereals, superfine flours, toasted powders. Try our recipes: find out all the tastes and the nutritional values of the cereal “father” of all the beers
    malto nero